Travel Vlogger ‘COMMANDO BACKPACKER’ Kicked Off Koh Rong

Travel Vlogger ‘COMMANDO BACKPACKER’ Kicked Off Koh Rong

British Vlogger Declan Archer who goes by ‘The Commando Backpacker’ was kicked off Koh Rong for allegedly entering guesthouses with female guests, and his family is worried about him and wants him home.

STANS ASHES -DECLAN SWANSI don’t normmaly do this sort of thing but it needs addressing! I’m a guesthouse owner on the beautiful island of Koh Rong Samloem and we have all had issues with this gentleman. If this post is deemed inappropriate please remove it.

This lovely gentleman Declan Archer. here decided to let himself into one of my rooms uninvited last night in M’pai Bay. This is one of many things that he’s been up to whilst here on the island. He is clearly delisuonal and has mental health issues. We have asked him to leave numerous times because of stuff that keeps happing. Unfortunately today we have now had to get the police involved and he is going to be asked to leave the island for good. So just a little word of warning to you all. Please be very careful with him. I don’t want to go into to much detail but make sure your doors are locked. Or simply refuse him entry to your bar hostel etc. Women should be particularly careful around him. He really need to go home and get the help he needs!’

Hello everyone, I am Declan’s sister in law. As has been discussed he clearly has developed some serious mental health issues, and we are all very worried about him. If anyone has any information you think may prove useful to us in tracking him down and ultimately getting him the help he so desperately needs I would very much appreciate you getting in touch with me. He has lost his way, and we need to help our brother come home.’

Hi everyone… This is an appeal to anyone who thinks they may be able to help us help our brother Declan Archer. He has been on the island of Koh Rong Samloem in Cambodia for around a month now. He has lost his way, is a shadow of his former self, and has by all accounts been behaving very strangely. We his family have serious concerns for his mental health and general well being. Any information as to his most recent or current whereabouts would be extremely useful to us. We are trying our best to get him home, back to the UK, back to his family, and to get him the help he so desperately needs. Any information suggestions or help would be hugely appreciated, thank you.’

‘Some of you on this page may only know this version of Declan, and sure, he is probably quite fun to have a booze with (he always has been) but to his family and friends he has become unrecognisable, and the people who genuinely care about him are all very worried. I’m sure he is not the first person to go solo travelling around Asia and lose himself a bit, its part of the fun right? But in the last week or so he seems to have tipped over the edge. Declan, you are lurching from one crazy idea to another, and to everyone who knows you back home we can see clearly the path of self destruction and self delusion you have set yourself on. You are clearly searching for some purpose, something all people need, but your purpose is not single handedly solving child labour or the sex trafficking trade, eliminating single use plastic or poverty, or achieving world peace. All of these things are important, of course they are, but they are not your reason for travelling. If you want to travel, great! But just stop with the crack pot ideas along the way, preaching to whoever is listening and acting like you have meaningful influence over us all. You don’t. Its making you look like you are in the throws of a mental breakdown. We all love you and want you to be ok. Please try and step back a bit and Declan Archer see where you are right now. Shits and gigs was the title of the last live video, well it was shit, and we are not giggling. Just even more worried as you publicly display how far you are from sanity. If you need to come home to get that bit of perspective, then come home. Your mum is in absolute bits. Please don’t just ignore this and ‘thank me for my opinion’. Enough is enough, please, before there is no turning back. Posted with only love and concern.

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