How to Perform Hassle-free Pet Relocation?

How to Perform Hassle-free Pet Relocation?

Moving from one place to another is never an easy task. And if you want to move along with your pet, it becomes as difficult as finding best advice on the pillow. The reason is that bringing them into family is like adding a companion to your life. They need utmost care as you love them no lesser than your own child. From proper nourishment to medical attention, exercise and safety, you have to take care of everything. First of all make a plan for moving with pet and stick to it. Once you have the plan, you can take care of your pets in the best possible way during this stressful time. Every step of your pet’s journey must be carefully planned and implemented. Do not take a chance.

Before finalizing your move, you must consult an expert packers and movers who has handled numerous pet shifting assignments, who can bring smile on your face by shifting them successfully whether nationally or internationally and most importantly who loves animals. You must take care of some points before handing over your pet to the relocation service provider. Relocation service provider must have:

Vaccination certificate

Microchip (helpful in identifying the pet) and accompanying paperwork should be done

Application and documentation including license import and transit paperwork are mandatory

Arrangement of custom clearance and cargo arrival should be done within the destination country

Door to door delivery including transit between home, kennel, veterinarian, airport, quarantine site if needed, and delivery to a new home or kennel

Flight reservations that consider the best schedule for your pet

Every update while travelling and a notification during transit is required to confirm the safe landing of your pet

Dry fur bedding or moisture magnet should be there to absorb accidental effect while your pet is in transit

Remove any loose object such as toys, bones or other things your pet can potentially choke during the travel

A thin blanket should be provided (should not be thick more than ½ inch) that smells like home to help reduce any anxiety of your pet might feel on the day of travel. Sometimes these blankets are soiled and when necessary, the airline may remove them.

There are so many relocation service providers who strictly follow the safety guidelines keeping in mind that they are relocating a living thing rather than an object. Moreover, their services for relocating pets are infused with love, commitment and proper care. They deliver your pet as healthy and happy. Cast aside all your stress from your mind and replace it with a big smile.

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